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Celebrating Colonists Day 2014 are, from left, Mark Hogate, Donn Draper, Aleasa Hogate, descendant of Anders Larsson Dalbo 1640, Donna Draper's granddaughter, Bill Hutchinson, portraying Peter Minuit, and Chief Dennis Coker of the Lenape Tribe. Check out the video of Colonists Day 2012 on this page, below left.

News briefs

First State National Historic Park, the nation's newest national park in Delaware, is expanding its activities to include grants to take school children on field trips to cultural and heritage sites. Click here for more on park developments.


"The Landing of the Swedes" by Stanley M. Arthurs depicts the first contact in 1638 between the Swedish settlers and Native Americans. The meeting took place along the Christina River in present-day Wilmington.

The image is made possible through the generosity of the Permanent Collection of the University of Delaware

New Sweden Centre

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The New Sweden Centre,
a 5013c nonprofit organization headquartered in Wilmington, De., offers educational outreach programs and historic reenactors.

Who are we?

Volunteers, educators, history buffs

What do we do?

Promote Delaware Valley's history 1638-1776 with focus on Swedish, Finnish and Lenape culture

Where are we?

As a museum without walls, we have exhibits throughout the Delaware Valley. Our main exhibit is in JA Finance Park, reaching 10,000 students yearly at Junior Achievement of Delaware, 522 Walnut St., Wilmington, DE 19801

When can I visit?

Make a reservation: call 302-429-0464 or send us an email

How can I help?

Join or donate. We always welcome new members interested in being museum hosts, reenactors, speakers or liaisons.

Click here to go to the membership page.

Click here to call up the volunteer form.


SpringFest at Fort Christina April 17

Event to appeal to all family members

Bring family and friends! Celebrate Spring on the Christina River and Colonial Life in the Delaware Valley with food, music, entertainment, children’s games and more! The event will run from noon to 5 p.m. Learn about the culture, heritage and contributions of Delaware’s earliest settlers (the Lenape, Swedes, Finns, Dutch and English) through fun and informative demonstrations in First State National Historical Park—Fort Christina and Old Swedes locations—at the Kalmar Nyckel Shipyard, in the Copeland Maritime Center and on board the Tall Ship of Delaware, Kalmar Nyckel.

Tentative Schedule of Activities:

  12:00-1:00pm Landing Ceremony with Music and Reenactors at Fort Christina National Historical Park, East 7th St., Wilmington

  1:00-4:00pm Tours and Activities at Copeland Maritime Center, Old Swedes National Historic Site and on Kalmar Nyckel

  4:00-4:45pm Music Finale at Old Swedes, 606 Church Street Wilmington, Del.

  “This one-of-a-kind event has been designed creatively to reach all cultures and communities in the Delaware Valley,” said Janet Anderson, Chair of the SpringFest Committee. “We warmly extend our invitation. Come out to Seventh Street Peninsula on April 17 and explore the rich heritage that began here in present-day Wilmington, Delaware.”

Settlers trunks now available
for education programs

Artifacts tell story of Swedes in the Delaware Valley

Enjoy this 3:45 video, which gives an overview of the New Sweden Centre activities and features our latest program, offering settlers trunk sponsorships as hands-on educational aids to teaching history. The trunks are packed tight with objects of telling importance to the history of New Sweden. Included are animal pelts, a variety of home wares from the log cabin days, trade goods and colonial toys. For more information, send us an email.

Junior Acheivement Exhibit open

History timeline aimed at students

Paintings of significant figures in Swedish-American history by Ros Stallcup are part of the display now open at the Junior Achievement of Delaware headquarters at 522 South Walnut St., Wilmington. Click here for more photos and the full story on the display and its opening. The display was made possible in part by a grant from the Swedish Council of America.

New Sweden Centre 'Museum Without Walls'

Exhibits on display throughout region

Dear Friends,

  2013 was a year of transition for the New Sweden Centre. While we may no longer enjoy the use of our own space at the Kalmar Nyckel Shipyard, we are making a smooth transition into a Museum Without Walls. We have already established partnerships with several local museums.

  • Our Captain Mannequin set is now located in the Bowers' Beach Maritime Museum in Bowers, Beach, DE.

  • Our Swedish Lady and child, plus many of our kitchen items, are now located in the Hendrickson House in Wilmington, DE.

  • Our Lenape Mannequin is now located at the Prehistoric Museum in Greenwich, NJ.

  • Our "Explore New Sweden" panels are now located in the Swedesboro-Woolwich History Museum in Swedesboro, NJ.

  • Our model of Fort Christina is now on display at the Redding City/County building, 800 N. French St., Willmington.

  • We are also serving as the "Non Profit Brand" in JA Finance Park, utilizing the Colony to Community panels as a temporary exhibit until we can create a new, youth focused exhibit at the Junior Achievement Center (JA) in Wilmington DE. This facility serves Salem County, NJ and New Castle County, DE and reaches approximately 10,000 students yearly.

  • Our Heritage figures are on display at the Claymont Stone School, Philadelphia Pike (Rt. 13) and Darley Road, Claymont, DE. 19703. 302-702-2021

  • Our Cabin corner and fireplace, Black Anthony, and our educational materials are now available for loan.

  • We are actively marketing the book, Africans in New Sweden by Abdullah R. Muhammad

  • We have a nice collection of colonial tools, old but not period historical, we would like to loan to another museum. We will have some of the miniature Historical figures to loan out.

  • We offer a traveling exhibit: "Colony to Community: The Story of New Sweden." This display, developed by the American Swedish Historical Museum, is now available for your conference or special event highlighting local history. Send us an email for more information.

  We are continuing to work with Old Swedes Foundation, the Delaware Swedish Colonial Society and the New Sweden Alliance in the annual celebration of the landing of the Swedes to be held at Fort Christina Park in Wilmington on April 17.

  Anyone interested in assisting us please get in touch. 302-420-0464 or e-mail us at info@colonialnewsweden.org. Feel free to call Education Director Aleasa Hogate at 856-678-5511


Colonists' Day 2012

Enjoy this five-minute video of the 2012 celebration and day's activities.

The hand of friendship extended at the ceremony celebrating the 374th Anniversary of the landing of the Swedes and Finns at "The Rocks" in Fort Christina Park at Colonists' Day, April 14th, 2012. Bill Hutchinison, left, in the persona of Peter Minuit, greets Dennis Cokerchief of the Lenape Indian Tribe of Delaware, Inc.

375th Anniversary Conference presentations now online

Lu Ann De Cunzo of the University of Delaware talks about the struggles the early settlers faced in the Delaware Valley in this online view. Her presentation is one of many from the 375th New Sweden Anniversary Conference now available here. The conference was held Nov. 8-10 at the university. The above link will bring up a web page listing the available talks with links to the recordings.

Peter Minuit, founder of New Sweden,
named to Junior Achievement Hall of Fame

The story of New Sweden

This seven-minute video quickly tells the story of the founding of New Sweden. It is a condensed version of a 26-minute video that is available in our web store for anyone who would like to make it part of their education or interpretive program.

The story of Black Anthony

Click here to learn about Antoni Swart, the African who lived in New Sweden. This 10-page slide show is a synopsis by Abdullah Muhammad of his recently published book: Africans in New Sweden, The Untold Story. The book is now available for order in our store. Click here for ordering information.

New brochure

We're excited that we have a new brochure of New Sweden sites throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland. There’s a map to show the locations and contact details for each location/organization are listed on the reverse side. Feel free to print off your own copy!

Traveling exhibit

One of our recent ventures was to support the current traveling exhibit called “Colony to Community: The Story of New Sweden” This display, developed by the American Swedish Historical Museum, is now available for your conference or special event highlighting local history. Send us an an email for more information.

Circle of Friendship

Participants at the New Sweden Forum create a "Circle of Friendship" around the New Sweden Heritage Monument. The tradition was started when the Pennsivlle, N.J. monument was dedicated June 6th, 2004. The ceremony honors the bond of friendship formed by the Lenape and the Swedish settlers of the 17th century. This year's forum was held June 6, marking the 5th Anniversary of the monument.